Clipsal TFT1T3M35M10 Fibre Optic Pigtail 1m St Category Om3 Simplex


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TFT1T3M35M10 Fibre Optic Pigtail 1m St Category Om3 Simplex

TFT1T3M35M10 Fibre Optic Pigtail, 1m, ST, Category OM3, Simplex

Fibre Pigtails, LC 62.5/125um OM1 Multi-Mode, ST 50/125um OM3 Multi-Mode, Pigtail ST Simplex OM3 MM 1.0 metre.

Key Features

  • Patch cords are available in simplex, single-mode and multi-mode configurations with different length options
  • Cords are easy-to-install and environmentally stable
  • Coated fibre diameter: 250 um
  • Cable outside diameter: 3 mm
  • Minimum bend radius: 3.8 cm
  • Minimum bandwidth at 850 Nm: 200 MHz-km
  • Minimum bandwidth at 1300 nm: 500 MHz-km

Product Specifications and Characteristics (ETIM Industrial Standard)

These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

Type Value
Brand Name Clipsal
Sub Brand Actassi
Fibre type Multi mode 50/125
Category OM3
Type Cable pigtail
Core type
Length 1 m
Type of connector ST
Anti-kink sleeve
Standard ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B.3, ISO/IEC 11801

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