Clipsal A9MEM1521 Acti 9 - Powertag - 1p+n - Up Position - Maximum 63A - Energy Sensor



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A9MEM1521 Acti 9 - Powertag - 1p+n - Up Position - Maximum 63A - Energy Sensor

A9MEM1521 Acti 9 - PowerTag - 1P+N - Up Position - Maximum 63A - Energy Sensor

Acti 9 - PowerTag - 1P+N - Up Position


When your load is not working, do you want to know if it comes from the load or from the circuit breaker? PowerTag® not only measures energy and power in real time, it also monitors your assets and immediately alerts your smartphone in the event of downtime! Just 'tag' your circuit breakers anytime, anywhere, and stay fully connected to the vital assets that make your business run smoothly.

Main features:

1. Compact: Integrated into the Acti9 Smartlink system, PowerTag® - which can also be installed in existing panels, is the smallest wireless energy sensor on the market, designed to enhance the monitoring of your electrical assets. Due to its compact size, PowerTag can easily fit any existing panel, and takes up no space on the DIN rail.

2. Simplicity: Acti 9 Smartlink concentrates the data that is received wirelessly from PowerTag and simplifies the connectivity of individual breakers to a Building Management System (BMS), providing building owners and facility managers with precise, powerful, real-time data, to improve the health of their facility's strategic assets.

3. Wireless: PowerTag is installed with no additional wires - cutting installation time to just a few minutes, even for existing panel installations.

4. No more need for local display panel: visualise in real-time on your Smartphone or PC, via wi-fi or your company network, thanks to the specially designed Acti 9 Smartlink embedded web pages.

- Fits into existing panels : up to 20 PowerTag units can be installed using Acti Smartlink.
- Provides real-time electrical load data and e-mail alerts in the event of potential issues, via Acti 9 Smartlink.
- Easy to install and commission : using Acti 9 Smart Test free software.
- Total and partial energy, power, load-balancing by phase, current by phase, voltage by phase.


- Reduced cabling errors - saves space
- High density metering
- No need to replace panel – saves money
- Real-time decisions – reduce downtime
- Installation time is reduced by 90% – efficient and simple
- Saves space – easy to install - saves costs
- Real-time data monitoring and management via embedded web pages and e-mail alerts
- Smart/connected breakers with no change in the switchboard footprint


A wide range of buildings - PowerTag can be installed in new buildings or in existing panels.

Product Specifications and Characteristics (ETIM Industrial Standard)

These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

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Brand Name Schneider Electric

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