Clipsal 5753L Occupancy Sensor Flush Mount 360deg



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5753L Occupancy Sensor Flush Mount 360deg

5753L Occupancy Sensor, Flush Mount, 360deg

C-Bus 360 Degree Passive Infrared Occupancy Detector, C-Bus PIR Occupancy Sensor, 360 degree, flush, ceiling mount suitable for indoor use. The unit features a light threshold adjustment on the unit. The time delay is programmable in the range 1 second to 18 hours. Features a Sunset Switch program. Powered from C-Bus, 360 degree PIR Occupancy Sensor.

Key Features

  • Passive infrared
  • Flush mount
  • Field of view: 360 deg
  • Ceiling mount
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • The unit has a coverage range of 6 x 6 m and a field of view of Field of view: 360 degree
  • The unit features a light threshold adjustment on the unit
  • The time delay is Programmable in the range 1 second to 18 hours
  • Features a sunset switch progra m
  • Draws 18mA from a C-Bus network

Product Specifications and Characteristics (ETIM Industrial Standard)

These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

Type Value
Brand Name Clipsal
Sub Brand C-Bus
Scanning principle
Type of analogy output
Type of electric connection
Type of switching output
Type of switch function
Signalling interval
Operation agent-safety class
Width sensor mm
Diameter sensor
Height of sensor mm
Length of sensor mm
Setting procedure
Explosion safety category for gas
Explosion safety category for dust
Construction type housing
Geometrical resolution
Laser protection class
Type of light
Light dot
Relative linearity deflection
Max. output current mA
Measuring range length mm
Relative accuracy of measurement
Measuring principle for optical distance measurement
Standard for interfaces
Degree of protection (IP)
Voltage type
Switch function
Ambient temperature deg C
Pre failure notice
Material of optical surface
Material housing
Material of cable sheath
Relative repeat accuracy
With time function
Supply voltage VDC
Switching frequency

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