Adaptor 'F' Female To KS Port



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Matchmaster - Adaptor 'F' Female To KS Port
Matchmaster has a large range of 75 Ohm RF & Video connectors to suit every application. Matchmasters range includes RG59, RG6, and RG11 Hex Crimp and Compression type connectors and can also supply .500, .625 and .750 Hardline connectors. Connectors available for F-Type, Pal IEC, BNC, RCA and many more.View More Connectors and Tools
The nickel plated, all brass adapter converts KS interface to "F" series femaleIt provides greater than -30 dB structural return loss to 1GHzFoxtel (F30163), Telstra (739/112) and NBN approved
Physical Properties
Nut and Collar: NiTin Plated Brass
Post: Tin Plated Brass
O-Rings: Ethylene Propylene
Mechanical Properties
Cable Insertion Force: 20 lbs. max.
Cable Retention Force: 40 lbs. min. per SCTE IPS SP-401: \t\t
Electrical Properties
Return Loss: > -30 dB up to 1 GHz typical: : Insertion Loss: < -0.2 dB up to 1 GHz typical
RFI Shielding: -85 dB typical (60% bonded foil)
Environmental Properties
Temperature Rating: -40 oF (-40 oC) to 140 oF (60 oC)
Salt Fog: Passes 1,000 hours ANSI/SCTE 143 2007
Moisture Migration: Passes ANSI/SCTE 60 2010

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