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Fibre Optic Power Meters - Low Cost - Pen Style S/Mode


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Fibre Optic Power Meters - Low Cost - Pen Style Single Mode


• Infrared power meter for checking the signal power output of optical equipment in a fibre optic network

• Pen sized unit, will fit in your top pocket

• Has a double digit LED display of power

• Available in a single-mode or multi-mode as separate units

• Universal connector for ST/SC/FC/FDDA with optional 2.5 to 1.25mm adaptor

• Wave length: 1330nm and 1550nm

• Power range: -30dBm to -6dBm

• Display is shown in -1dBm

• Has a “Lo” and “Hi” display if power is out of range

• Low battery display – batteries AAA 1.5V by 2

• Has a dustproof cover keeping connector clean

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