6 Way Green Energy Saving Powerboard


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6 Way Green Energy Saving Powerboard

6 Way Green Energy Saving Powerboard

The 6 Way Green Energy Saving Powerboard reduces the ‘Standby Power’ consumption typical in most home and office appliances. Daily use of this unit is an easy way to save energy and reduce power bills by cleverly eliminating the ‘Standby Power’ wastage. 

The 6 Way Green Energy Saving Powerboard is fully automatic and does not need any pre-setting, programming or additional manual remote controls. Simply attach the primary appliance, such as the TV (for home entertainment system) or the computer (for computer system), to the MASTER socket. Then connect the peripherals such as speakers, amplifiers, gaming consoles, computer monitors, printers or scanners to the ‘controlled’ SLAVE sockets.

When the device connected to the MASTER socket is shut down the powerboard automatically turns the power supplied to the four (4) ‘controlled’ SLAVE sockets off. This eliminates the wasted power that would have been consumed by these SLAVE devices. When the primary appliance is turned-on power to the SLAVE socket is switched on again.

The last socket on the powerboard operates in an ‘Always On’ status like that in a normal powerboard. This allows other equipment to be powered without being affected by the status of the MASTER device.

Surge protection is also featured to prevent damage to connected equipment.

6 Way Green Energy Saving Powerboard Features

• 1 x MASTER socket controls power to four SLAVE sockets
• When MASTER equipment is turned off, SLAVE sockets are turned off
• When MASTER equipment is turned on, SLAVE sockets are powered again
• Eliminates ‘Standby Power’
• 1 x ‘Always On’ socket
• Surge and overload protection
• 1m power lead with right angle plug


Technical Data

MASTER power outlet 1 x outlet
SLAVE power outlet 4 x outlets
Normal power outlet 1 x outlet
Voltage Rating 240Va.c. 50Hz
Current Rating 10 Amp max.
Power Rating 2400 Watt max.
MASTER Device Power 35 Watt min.
Surge Protection Yes
Overload Protection Yes

Useful Information

Example of energy and dollar saving:
System operates 4 hours a day ('Standby' for 140 hours a week)
'Standby' power is 70 Watts (typical 'Standby' power for a set top box/DVR is 15-40Watts, audio/speaker system is 3-10Watts, office and computer peripherals is 3-5Watts)

Total 'Standby' power =  509.6kWh per year
Domestic power cost of approximately 22 cents per kWh
That is a savings of $112.00 a year!

Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas
Household consumption is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. Each Australian household is responsible for producing an average of 14 tonnes* of greenhouse gases (GHG) per year. Australian households collectively produce 99.4 million tonnes** of GHG annually.

90% of the energy produced to power Australian households is produced by burning coal – a major source of GHG. With GHG a major cause of global warming, efforts to reduce energy consumption is becoming more and more important.

One of the most significant sources of waste and expense is the ‘Standby Power’ consumed by appliances when they are sitting idle. Appliances such as DVD players, amplifiers, monitors, printers, scanners all have a ‘Standby’ mode awaiting activation when not in use.

* www.cimatechange.gov.au
** Australian household 2001 was 7.1 mil (ABS 2005).     7.1 mil x 14 tonnes= 99.4 tonnes


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