We need your Help

Your Purchase means so much to Us, and to so many other people. When you make a purchase with Schnap we will contribute to helping people around the world,

At No COST to you

Schnap will Provide clean water for one person for a day

Give access to clean water for one person for ONE DAY. Every 8 seconds, every day, a child somewhere in the world is dying from drinking contaminated water. A simple well and water pump is all that is needed to reduce deaths from water-borne diseases

Schnap will Give milk to supplement a child's nutrition

Cover the cost of giving 200ml of milk to a child for a day. Milk is an important source of nutrition for the child living on a simple diet

Schnap will Educate a child for a day

One day provision of informal village based education providing pre-primary education in basic language, maths, health and child-protection strategies to prepare for admission to government schooling

Schnap will Shelter one person for a day

Help build a house for people who are homeless. By contributing to this project, you can cover the cost of building a house: for one person to have a house for ONE DAY

Schnap will Adopt one tree for a year

Adopt a plot in one of the worlds protected parks & rainforests for conservation for future generations. Help nature provide us with food, water & a stable climate


B1G1: Business for GoodB1G1 gives businesses around the world the power to change lives through the 'Power of Small'.

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