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Mercury Vapour 50w ES
Mercury Vapour 50w ES
Mercury Vapour 125w ES
Mercury Vapour 125w ES
Mercury Vapour 250w GE S
Mercury Vapour 250w GE S
NXS LED 30W 1800lms 3000K LED
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NXS LED 27W 1800lms 4000K LED
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Pierlite NXS LED Accessories Mounting Ada...
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Pierlite NXS LED Accessories Mounting Ada...
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FMF12V/35W Extra Low Voltage Dichroic 50 ...
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FMW12V/35W Extra Low Voltage Dichroic 50 ...
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BAB12V/20W Extra Low Voltage Dichroic 50 ...
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FMW/12V/35W Extra Low Voltage - Coolfit 50
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BAB/12V/20W Extra Low Voltage - Coolfit 50
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12V/37W/ER 60 Extra Low Voltage - Coolfit...
12V/37W/ER 60
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12V/37W/ER38 Extra Low Voltage - Coolfit ...
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Electrical Lighting Supplies

Here at SCHNAP, we are one of Australia’s most experienced wholesale lighting suppliers, and we carry a wide range of high-quality illumination products. With unbeatable prices and prompt delivery nationwide, you can depend on us to provide you with a range of high-performance products, including:

  • LED electrical supplies
  • Emergency and Exit fittings
  • LED Downlights (including fittings & accessories)
  • Indoor/outdoor domestic & commercial illumination
  • Motion sensors
  • Regular & energy saver lamps
  • LED Lamps
  • LED Highbay
  • LED GU10 MR16
  • LED Dimmers
  • Outdoor Garden transformers
  • Led strip profiles & controllers
  • LED Bulkheads
  • + many more products from top brands including Nikkon, Sylvania, Pierlite, Martec etc.

See our complete range of electrical lighting supplies below. Use the navigation panes to add the desired quantity of each product to your shopping cart.

Alternatively, you can call us now on (02) 9150 7744 to place your order, or send an email/fill out the form on our contact page and let us know your needs!

Buy with confidence from trusted Australian lighting suppliers

The Australian domestic and commercial renovation/construction marketing is as expansive as it is dynamic. There are various tastes out there for different styles of indoor and outdoor illumination.

As an electrician in Australia, you need a reliable source for illumination products that you will be asked to fit and optimize. This includes everything from LED electrical supplies to dimmers and Drivers.

All of these items are required to serve the full range of customers you encounter adequately. As one of Australia’s most experienced wholesalers, you can count on SCHNAP to deliver everything you need in a timely fashion.

We are so confident in the quality of the products we stock that you get a 30-day guarantee on all orders. If something does not meet your expectations, simply send it back, and you will get a full refund.

We take great pride in our reputation for only sourcing the best electrical lighting suppliers from leading brands.

Everything from LED electrical supplies to dimmers and more

Our comprehensive array of stocked illumination products means that we are your one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly need for the jobs you take on. Our unbeatable wholesale prices mean that you can depend on us to source the cheapest and best quality products for whatever implementation you need them for.

We have every kind of globe, Lamp and accessory you could ask for in-stock – rectangular, MR16, surface mount, recessed, emergency; you name it! Our range of LED electrical supplies is made up of high-quality strip profiles and controllers to suit any need.

The range of different prices options we have means you can serve a wide range of domestic and commercial customers. We aim to have everything in one place for you so that you don’t need to try and find another wholesaler of electrical lighting supplies.

Trusted Australian lighting suppliers

Our experience in the Australian industry over almost 30 years had earned us a great deal of respect among electricians from all backgrounds. We know what is expected and have delivered it for our valued customers time after time.

Although we are based in NSW, our products are sent out all across Australia, and we provide sincere customer service to everyone who does business with us. Whether our customers need LED electrical supplies, or just some handy accessories – we can provide.

Because our store is online, it means we save money otherwise spent on opening stores around the country. These savings are passed on to you and are why we have maintained unbeatable prices for all our electrical lighting supplies.

Excellent customer service

One of the most important things to us at SCHNAP is customer service. No matter what items are ordered, whether they be basic hardware or high-fidelity LED electrical supplies, the satisfaction of our customers is our number one concern at all times.

If you ever have any questions about your order, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always eager to help you find the answers you are seeking.

It’s also easy to place an order over the phone with us. If you have a routine order that you make, we will remember you and ensure that the process of re-ordering is as effortless as possible.

We’ve delivered for countless customers just like you all around Australia, and our reputation for sincere service has been earnt over our almost 30 years of operation. Speak to our team today about how we can help you source the quality products you need.