Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (V-Series) - Three Phase 415VAC 2Cabinet, 30Rated Output Power (KVA), 42Rated Output Current (A) 700H x 380W x 810D

VST30 - 4

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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (V-Series) - Three Phase Voltage – Fluctuation – High - Low: Voltage fluctuation is common in any electrical supply system. Continuous variation of loads and extension of power lines are the main factors which contribute to the above problem. In...

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (V-Series) - Three Phase

Voltage – Fluctuation – High - Low:

Voltage fluctuation is common in any electrical supply system. Continuous variation of loads and extension of power lines are the main factors which contribute to the above problem. In spite of all efforts done by the utility companies, they are still unable to provide a constant supply to the users yet.
In general, most electrical or electronic equipment are designed to operate within a voltage fluctuation of ±10% of its rated supply. It means that if the equipment is designed to operate within their specifications at rated 240V single phase or 415V  three phase, their performance should not deviate from their specifications when the voltage fluctuates within 216V to 264V for single phase or 373.5V to 456.5V for three phase.
However, sophisticated equipment requires stable voltage supply in order for them to perform accurately, such as Transmissions & Tele-communications equipment, Laboratory and Test equipment, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment etc.

Voltage fluctuation can cause testing equipment to give inaccurate data, computerized or automatic machines to produce defective parts, security system malfunction, inconsistency of motor speed etc. These effects are very costly too in  terms of downtime and rejects.


QPS Single Phase and Three Phase Servo - Motor Automatic Voltage Stabilizers (AVS) are capable of eliminating the above problems with ease. They are designed to cater for:-

  • Input voltage variation from:
  1.  Single Phase : 230V ± 12%
  2.  Three Phase : 415V ± 12%
  • Excellent output voltage accuracy of within ±1.5% set value.
  • Regulation response time approximately 0.05 ~ 0.07 sec per volt.
  • Minimum maintenance due to its simplicity in design.
  • Easy installation.
  •  Tailor make to special voltages and configuration are possible.

QPS Servo - Motor Automatic Voltage Stabilizer provides a continuous monitoring of the output voltage (true RMS sensing) by means of an electronic Control Circuit that compares the instantaneous output voltage with the set value. When  hanges are detected due to fluctuation of supply voltage or sudden changes in load, an electrical signal will be transmitted to the servo – motor which is coupled onto the brush gear of the variable transformer, causes the brush  gear to rotate until the appropriate voltage, is restored. This method of stabilization does not create interference or harmonic in the supply system.

QPS Three Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are also designed to cater for unbalanced load. This is made possible with its independent phase monitoring system.

QPS Automatic Voltage Stabilizers offer high quality performance at competitive prices. They are created to solved problems and increase productivity.

Control Features:
• ON / OFF Circuit breaker
• Analog Voltmeter
• Phase selector switch for Voltmeter
(For three phase only)
• Phase indicator lamps

Optional Features:
• TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SURGE SUPPRESSION Metal – Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are added on across the input of the supply lines. To protect voltagesensitive components against damage from highenergy surge of transient voltage spikes. The protection afforded by these devices not only guards expensive and sensitive equipment from physical damage, but also improves functional reliability in components that encounter temporary upset due to transient voltages of lower amplitudes.
• PHASE LOSS (3 PHASE MODEL) C/W PROGRAMMBLE UNDER / OVER VOLTAGE DETECTOR To prevent 3 phase motor from damaging due to one of the phase open-circuit, QPS Servo Motor Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are equipped with high precision Phase Sensing Protection System which provides constant monitoring of output supply of individual phases. Abnormal voltage when detected will deenergise the AVS output contactor and cut off supply voltage to load.
• AUTOMATIC OUTPUT DELAY ON SYSTEM Automatic Output Delay on System minimizes the inrush current to the load whenever the equipment is being switch on under initial stage of after a power failure occurs, by ensuring that the  output voltages are correctly regulated before they are being supplied to the load.

Three Phase Standard Fittings:

1. Over current breaker – Model 3 ~ 125KVA
2. Voltmeter Input – Line / Phase Voltage – Model 30 ~ 125KVA
3. Voltmeter Output – Model 3 ~ 125KVA Phase Pilot Lamp Input & Output Termination:
2. Terminal Block – Model 3 ~ 125KVA

Technical Data:

Input Voltage - 415V ± 12% + Neutral

Output Volatge ( True RMS) - 415VAC ± 1.5%

Rated KVA - 3KVA - 125KVA

Output Wavefrom / Distortion - SINWAVE / FOLLOW INPUT

Frequency - 50 / 60 Hz
Efficiency - >95%
Over Current Protection - MCB / MCCB (UP TO 3Ø 100KVA)
Phase Loss Sensing Protection - PHASE SENSING RELAY / OPTIONAL
Automatic Output Delay on System - TIME DELAY / OPTIONAL
Operating Temperature - 0º C - 45º C


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