106-178 Ness 3+1 RADIO KEY



List price: AUD$81.30
106-178 Ness 3+1 RADIO KEY

106-178 Ness 3+1 RADIO KEY

"A Wireless World"

The Ness RK3+1 Radio Key is a compact and attractive fully waterproof Radio Key.

The unit is fully sealed and is powered by a Lithium battery with an expected life of 10 years, (assuming 7 transmissions per day). The four buttons provide Arming, Disarming, Panic and an additional separately coded Aux button for use with Ness control panels or standalone radio receivers.

Rk3+1 is designed to be compatible with previous models of Ness receivers and radio-enabled control panels which do not accept Ness RK4 4 button signals.

Of course RK3+1 is also compatible with all current Ness receivers and radio-enabled panels

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