Signal Isolator - SI289


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Signal Isolator - SI289

Signal Isolator - SI289

The SI289 is a isolating transmitter designed for factory set input output combinations providing true 3-way galvanic isolation up to 2000V rms.

The wide range ac/dc power supply is magnetically coupled to both the input and the output circuit section separately, achieving power/input/output isolation. Input signals are transferred optically to the output stage.

The standard Signal Isolator will accept DC voltage or current input signals directly (0.1V up to 2kV, 1mA up to 10A). Final calibration is trimmed using the front accessible ZERO and SPAN 15-turn trim adjustments.

The output signal level is indicated by a green LED on front of the module, giving a clear indication of module function, signal presence and loop condition for current outputs. Reverse or direct action are factory configured.

Special requirements for input/output response time variation can be accommodated by optional "customised response" or "output ramp" models.


dc Current/Voltage


Soil Moisture/Tension





dc Current/Voltage - Separate Power

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