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4G WiFi Antenna



List price: $93.80
Bitek - 4G WiFi Antenna
  • 11dBi - 698-2700MHz LPDA Directional Antenna
  • All Band - All Carriers
  • 4GX, 4G, 3G, nextG & GSM 700/850/900/1800/2300/2600 inc 2.4GHz WiFi Mobile Broadband and Mobile Phone
  • Greatly Improves Wireless Internet and Mobile Phone service in rural and marginal signal areas
  • Mines, Dongas and Geo-technical contractors.
  • Locations in hilly country where local 3G signal is weak.
  • Farms and stations and anyone just outside of the stated coverage area from mobile phone towers
  • 3G, 3G+ nextG & GSM USB Modems, Routers & Mobile Phones
  • All 4G 700,850,900,1800,2300 & 2600MHz bands including 4GX and 4G CA
  • Covers all services: Rural/Regional/Metro services using the band specified
  • For Fixed Wireless, Outdoor and Indoor installations

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