Digital TV Antenna VHF/UHF (6-12)(28-46) 49 Elements



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Matchmaster - Digital TV Antenna VHF/UHF (6-12)(28-46) 49 Elements

The 01MM-DG49 is a great example of Australian craftsmanship in an antenna. It receives channels 6 to 12 and 28 to 46 with ease and does so while making use of an X-type UHF antenna with a gain up to 13dBi. At 12.7mm the tubing is made of sturdy aluminium.View More Digital TV Antennas
Australian madeReceives channels 6-12 and 28-46VHF diplexed to UHF section 25dB isolation VHF elements 12.7mm diameter extruded aluminium tube for superior strength652MHz low pass filter > 40dB attenuation at 750MHz to eliminate 4G (LTE) interferenceX type UHF antenna section high gain up to 13dBi
Elements 49
Band B3 UHF
Channels VHFUHF (6-12)(28-51)
Maximum Gain B3UHF 8dB13dB
AV VSWR <2:1
Front/Back Ratio B3UHF 16dB21dB
Balun Type "F Type Balun VHFF Type DiplexerCircuit Balun" Boom Length 2268mm
Packing Type/Unit InnerOuter 15

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