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32A Single Pole RCD/MCB RCBO 30ma 6kA



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Lanx - 32A Single Pole RCD/MCB RCBO 30ma 6kA


Lanx Single Pole RCD/MCB RCBO 32A 30ma 6KA

Construction and Features
  • Operating mechanism adopt double contact with DPN form, N pole opening first then breaking
  • Leakage Protection adopt electronic type integrated circuit, contact ON/OFF state display
  • Trigger has middle-position function and a clamshell to put tags in and characteristic stripes on both side
  • Provides protection against earth fault/leakage current, short-circuit, overload and function of isolation
Technical Data:
  • Residual current characteristics: AC, A
  • Pole No. : 1P+N
  • Tripping curve: B, C
  • Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: 6kA
  • Rated Current: 32A
  • Rated Voltage: 240V
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated residual operating current(A): 0.03
  • Tripping duration: instantaneous ≤ 0.1s
  • Electro-mechanical endurance: 4000 cycles
  • Diameter of screw d(mm): M4
  • Degree of Protection: IP20
  • Fastening torque: 1.2N.m
  • On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm
  • Terminal connection height: H1= 19mm; H2= 22mm

Datasheet (LX4132G2_datasheet.pdf, 166 Kb) [Download]

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