Clipsal CE250 Ceiling Exhaust Fan Axial 250mm



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CE250 Ceiling Exhaust Fan Axial 250mm

CE250 Ceiling Exhaust Fan, Axial, 250mm

Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans, Did You Know that if the noise of the fan changes (or sounds like it's working harder) when you close the door to the room, that you may not have enough return air. This can cause the fan to wear out early, All ceiling exhaust fans are supplied with ball-bearing motors, 250mm, flex and plug, 287mm diameter cut out, 385m³/h

CE200 Ceiling Exhaust Fan, Axial, 200mm

Designed to fit discreetly into cavity type ceilings, Airflow low profile exhaust fans are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and toilets. The slimline, flyproof grille has been designed for easy cleaning. Simply snap off the grille and place it in the dishwasher

Key Features

  • Axial fan
  • 345 mm overall intake
  • 248 mm diameter duct
  • 287 mm diameter hole
  • 800 mm Plug and lead length
  • 1 speed
  • Attractive low profile grille
  • Fly-proof grille to keep out insects
  • Grille is easy to remove, and dishwasher proof
  • Easy installation with uniquesliding clamp mounting
  • Fitted with plug and lead
  • Heavy-duty ball bearing motor
  • Double insulated

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