Swingblade 4W CCFL



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Swingblade 4W CCFL
Swingblade™ Exit
  • Blade-style exit with rotating "Swingblade" Exit diffuser
  • Energy efficient and low maintenance 50,000 hour Cold Cathode lamp.
  • Standard, Clever Test or Zoneworks� computerised testing options.
  • One box solution complete with "EXIT" or "Pictograph" diffuser inserts for all SS or DS direction combinations.
  • Universal slide-connect for fast wall or ceiling installation.

Clevertronics has combined a number of key design features and technologies to create the unique Swingblade Exit.

Swingblade's sophisticated good looks meet modern architectural requirements, where a Premium Exit is required, in a new style that is easy to install and maintain. Using a "slide connect" base means Swingblade is quick and easy to install. That combined with it's strong low profile extruded aluminium body and smart design help to provide Swingblade with a long service life.

Swingblade Exit uses proven energy and lumen efficient Cold Cathode Lamp technology combined with a unique rotating lightbar and flat panel diffuser assembly. Swingblade's flat panel diffuser uses convenient legend inserts secured by a patented "tamper proof" legend cover.

All combinations of arrows (Single or Double sided) can be configured onsite from the one box. Swingblade can be supplied with either "EXIT" or pictograph" legends.

Clevertronics Swingblade Exits are available as single point units or can be upgraded with Clevertronics onboard Clever Test or Zoneworks® central computer monitoring options. For more information contact your nearest Clevertronics Sales office.

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