FM Antenna (88-108MHz) With Balun 3 Elements



List price: $182.30
Matchmaster - FM Antenna (88-108MHz) With Balun 3 Elements
If you are looking to capture FM signals the 03MM-FM3 is a good choice. It makes use of a durable 12.7mm elements to receive FM 88-108MHz. The unit boasts 5.0dB maximum gain. In addition its snap lock design is great for anyone looking to cut down on the hassle of installation.View More Digital TV Antennas
3 element FM antennaReceives FM 88-108MHz12.7mm Heavy duty extruded elements for maximum strength and durability5.0dB Maximum gainSnap lock design for fast installation
Elements 3
Gain 5dB
Front/Back Ratio 15dB
Balun No
Packing Unit 1

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