Isolator 2GHZ 800V DC



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Matchmaster-Isolator 2GHZ 800V DC
Matchmaster has a broad range of band filters, triplexers and diplexers
Matchmaster has block specific filters for blocks A – E plus 694MHz and 652MHz low pass filters for general 4G (LTE) interference reduction
We also offer a range of Isolators and Surge arrestors for 75 Ohm systems up to 3GHz
Designed to be used both indoors and outdoors
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Screen and centre conductor full DC isolation Frequency range 5-215MHz Insertion loss (dB) 0.5dB Max Isolation 400V DC / 800V DC Peak Return loss >= 13dB

Frequency Range
Insertion Loss
0.5dB Max
400V DC/800V DC Peak
Return Loss

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