3 Wire Multiswitch 3 In 8 Out Passive



List price: $345.40
Matchmaster-3 Wire Multiswitch 3 In 8 Out Passive
Matchmaster has a premium range of 2, 3 & 5 Wire Pay TV distribution systems to suit any project size
Our range of Terra 5 Wire equipment is considered a leader in the market both for quality and simplicity while delivering the best possible signal due to its high quality European design and engineering
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Foxtel approved (F30046)Allows your TV system to be satellite and pay TV compatibleHigh output 85dBμV satellite (subject to input power)Low gain on satelliteNegligible MER Loss

Foxtel Approval Number F30046 Inputs 3 Outputs 8 FTA Frequency 5-862MHz Sat Frequency 950-2150MHz Gain Satellite 3dB Loss Terrestrial 15-18dB Maximum LNB Current Capacity 400mA Dimension 152x100x42mm (WxHxD)

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