IP42 Industrial Switchboard with 250A Main Switch

The Eureka distribution board range is designed to include the LS range of MCBs.Other manufacturer’s MCBs can be fitted. 1 poleRCBO units from 10A to 32A can be fitted to either a 250A or 400A standard or hybrid chassis.

Features include -

• 1.6mm steel welded door, 1.6mm cabinet and 1.2mm escutcheon

• From 12 to 96 pole with 250A or 400A non-auto or MCCB main switch as standard

• Encapsulated chassis rating 250A @ 25kA for 0.1sec, 400A @ 30kA for 0.1sec

• IP 42 or IP 56 in Grey ( N42 ) or Orange ( X15 )

• Easy adaption of multi function power meters & compact CTs

• Plinth kits and rainhoods available

• Complete with schedule holder and circuit identification card

• Hinged escutcheons

• Supplied with 50% spare pole fillers on the escutcheon

• Continuous smoke seal on door

• Stiffeners on all escutcheons

• E&N Bars 250A and 400A, 2 x 8mm main studs with 2 x 35mm tunnel terminals

• Lockable handle with CL001 key (3-point locking in weatherproof versions)

• Earthing Studs on door and escutcheon

• Can be fitted with hybrid or 27mm pitch chassis

• Can be fitted with 250A or 400A chassis

• All escutcheons supplied as gloss white

• Special escutcheons can be made to order