2 Way CATV Tap 29dB 1GHz



List price: $128.80
Matchmaster-2 Way CATV Tap 29dB 1GHz
Matchmaster has a premium range of RF Splitters & Taps ranging from 1 Way through to 8 Way
We cater for both Terrestrial and Satellite frequencies with both Single Port AC/DC and All Port DC Power Pass products available
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High isolation between outputsFrequency range 5 - 1000 MHzSuitable for hardline cable networksWeatherproof housingModular design

Tap Loss 29dB
Insertion Loss 300MHz 0.7dB
Insertion Loss 600MHz 1.3dB
Insertion Loss 1000MHz 2.5dB
Out to Tap Isolation 300MHz 40dB
Out to Tap Isolation 600MHz 40dB
Out to Tap Isolation 1000MHz 28dB

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