Sylvania Indoor Commercial Lighting Sylvaglow



List price: $1,535.60
Sylvania Indoor Commercial Lighting Sylvaglow

The Sylvaglow series provides an exceptional lighting solution
for extended fixture spacing in medium to low mounting height
applications. The high performance reflector and refractor
combination minimises glare and allows comfortable visual
conditions at high illuminance levels.
Sylvaglow Pulse Start Series
The Sylvaglow Pulse Start range offers the benefit of leading edge
Metal Halide lamp technology. Pulse Start systems offer superior
lumen maintenance, reduced colour shift, quicker start and restart
times as well as significant increase in lamp life. Contact your local
SLA representative for further details.


Heavy duty IP55 die-cast aluminium gear pack option
Remote control gear option
IP65 Recessed option
Mains volt supplementary QI options available for temporary supply failure

Luminaire Construction

Gear housing manufactured from flame retardant polypropylene side plates and sheet steel chassis
Spun aluminium reflector polyester powdercoated in white finish
Acrylic prismatic refractor fixed to reflector via a clamp band system
Breather attached to


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