Dual Pump Controller - 1PH w/ RMWC


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Dual Pump Controller - 1PH w/ RMWC

Dual Pump Controller - 1PH w/ RMWC
Common Features


  • Distinctive, Highly durable and aesthetically attractive Electronic Keypads
  • Circuit Breaker protected Low Voltage Control and input Circuitry
  • Lockable Main Isolator
  • Individual Pump Isolation
  • Auto/Off/Manual Operation of Both Pumps
  • Thermal Overload Protection of Pump Motors
  • Visual and Audible Alarms c/w Mute Switch
  • LED Indicator Lights for System Status indication
  • IP 65 Weather Proof, Powder Coated Metal Enclosures c/w removable gland plate
  • Rain/Mains Changeover Capability
  • DC Pulse Latching Valve supplied – 25mm

FPC 30220 Manual.pdf (FPC_30220_Manual_6.pdf, 1,259 Kb) [Download]

FPC 30220 Wiring Diagram.pdf (FPC_30220_Wiring_Diagram_6.pdf, 500 Kb) [Download]

FPC 30220 Product Overview.pdf (FPC_30220_Product_Overview_0.pdf, 3,802 Kb) [Download]

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