Standard Tank Fill Controller - Valve Shut-Off



List price: $1,098.90
Matelec-Standard Tank Fill Controller - Valve Shut-Off
Product Features
IP54 weatherproof rating
Mounting brackets included
Low voltage control and input circuitry
Control & interface:
Indicator lights for power on and valve open
Digital 24Vac input for float switch
24Vac output for solenoid valve
Included with panel:
10 Amp 3 pin 1.5m power supply lead (230Vac)
25mm female/female 24Vac N/C solenoid valve
9006 float switch with 10m cable
Function Features
Ideal for maintaining water at predetermined levels in a tank, swimming pool or reservoir
When tank full level is reached, the controller pulse closes the valve, ensuring no further water enters the tank, and if the water level drops to low level, the valve is opened
Switching differential: Min 25mm, max 1m

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