Rain / Mains Water Controller - 1PH


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FPC-12724,Rain / Mains Water Controller - 1PH

Rain / Mains Water Controller - 1PH
Common Features

For Industrial and Commercial applications such as playing fields, golf courses and large commercial properties, where a ‘high flow’ system is required, standard controllers for both Heavy Duty 1 Phase 240Vac and 3 Phase 415Vac pumps are available. Housed in a lockable metal enclosure, the FPC-12724 and FPC-12725 controllers are equipped with con­tactors and overloads compatible for pumps (1Ph or 3Ph) rated up to13amps Full Load current.

  • Compatible with an entire range of high flow, low ‘head loss’ valves
  • No pressure reducing valves
  • No continuously actuated solenoid valves
  • Test Button - Provides change of system status, including pump and valve switching
  • Indicator Lights provide ‘power’ and ‘valve’ status information
  • Pump protection feature - If Rain Water is depleted, switching of pump output isolates power to pressure pump system
  • Controller can be situated up to 50m from storage tank
  • Ideal for Industrial, Commercial and/or Domestic applications

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