Adaptor RCA Female To BNC Male (10 Pack)



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Matchmaster - Adaptor RCA Female To BNC Male (10 Pack)
Matchmaster has a large range of 75 Ohm RF & Video connectors to suit every application. Matchmasters range includes RG59, RG6, and RG11 Hex Crimp and Compression type connectors and can also supply .500, .625 and .750 Hardline connectors. Connectors available for F-Type, Pal IEC, BNC, RCA and many more.View More Connectors and Tools
Used to convert BNC to any RCA composite video (yellow) or stereo audio (white and red)
BNC male with twist lock for durability and secure connection
No tools required
Long life corrosion proof body
High quality nickel plated finish

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